What is your vision?

I am a portraitphile (I like portraits). I want everybody I photograph to walk away feeling just one bit better about how they're going to look online. 

Portraits are a speciality within photography. My expertise requires knowing a little bit of many things: lighting, direction, anatomic structures, color theory, optical performance, and many more.

Located in the heart of a world-renowned institution, Berkeley Portrait Studio seeks to create iconic portraits for innovative businesses and their leaders.

Where do you shoot?

Private one-on-one sessions take place at my studio, two blocks north of the UC Berkeley.

Businesses with over fifteen people can choose to have pictures taken at their office.

Do you offer outdoor shoots?

Yes, I am very familiar with shooting outdoors. For the best results, I often use a combination of sunlight and strobe (studio) lighting.

A small fee is usually added for locations over 15 miles from Berkeley.

What kind of lighting is used?

I specialize in many styles of studio lighting. Hard, moderate, and soft lighting; single-point "loop" lighting. Three-point lighting, 5-point lighting, "butterfly" lighting, and modified natural lighting. The choice of lighting depends on each person's anatomy and personal preferences. Here is a chart showing a few different lighting styles I have mastered.

What kind of technology do you use?

I am a Nikon shooter. I switch between a 85mm, 100mm macro, or a 70-200mm lens, depending on the compression I would like. Lately, I've shoot shooting mainly with the 85mm at an aperture range of f/2.2-f/4

I also shoot wider portraits (35-60mm) for professionals who want to convey personality, style, and environment along with strong body language.

How many changes do I get?

You can have as many looks per session as fits in the session.

In terms of final images, the package you choose will determine how many images are professionally edited. Each additional retouched image is charged at $75/image.

Economy package = 2 retouched images

First-Class package = 3 retouched images

Is my choice of footwear important?

Yes. Shoes can add personality to an image, and also change your posture during the shoot, even if they are not seen in the picture.

What backdrops do you have?

We offer a variety of paper and canvas backdrops. Click here for details.

How many images are taken during the shoot?

Economy = 60-100 images

First-Class = 150-200 images

Additional retouched images are charged at $75/image.

How are images shared?

I love using Google Drive, which is fast and confidential, although I can use Pixieset as a viewing gallery, or Dropbox if you prefer.

What is your turnaround time?

The proofs (low-res files) are sent within 24 hours (yes, I'm fast).

The final retouched images will arrive within seven days of your selections.

Group sessions may take longer based on the number of people photographed and unique conditions.

510 239-7041

Last updated: 3-03-20

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